Certified Clini-Coach®

Saving Your Marriage From Parenthood

I help parents with young children avoid disconnection to create a vibrant and healthy family. 

Do You Want To?

Show your kids what a healthy relationship looks life?

Have effective tools to manage conflict?

Know how to repair and recover from conflict?

Have more sex and physical intimacy?

If so, you're in the right place.

As parents...

We simply don’t make time for each other. We often don’t have communication tools, let alone agreements on when to use them. 

We often let bitterness and resentment grow as we don’t have ways to clear those out, or make time to do so.

Have you tried things on your own that were either not successful, or only lasted for a short while?

Maybe you two have dabbled in couples therapy but never got consistent in addressing your relationship problems.

too much to do

Do your waking hours look and feel like this? (see steering wheel photo)…

You’re pulled in so many different directions. 

You’re drained physically and emotionally. 

You’re trying to be the best parent while one or both or you are working full-time.  

At the end of the day, you have very little to offer each other.

Your relationship has been put on the back-burner. 

And resentment and bitterness are growing between you two. 

Physical intimacy is lacking, much less sex. Most of your conversations are administrative and about your kids.

Our Problem

Already being a couples counselor for several years, I was surprised to find how much time Jessica (my wife) and I would spend in disconnection. 

After the birth of our first daughter, it was a glorious time, but was also a time when it was clear we needed new tools and agreements, and had to be even more intentional about creating connection and harmony.  

new baby

“… the highest safeguard for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the child is not primarily the attention paid to the child but the unrestricted love of the parents for each other.” – Henri Nouwen.

The Fix

The above quote has been the motivation to take my experience of over eight years as a couples counselor to develop a comprehensive coaching program just for parents. 

If us parents are serious about regaining more times of connection and rebuilding intimacy, we need a different framework than inconsistent couples therapy without committed time and specific goals. Time is of the essence…   

That’s why I became a Clini-Coach® to move out of the limiting models of couples therapy to create a comprehensive and transformative framework with a definable end goal. 

Here's what past clients have said...

Saving Your Relationship From Parenthood Program (Basics)

  • Personalized and thorough understanding of patterns keep you two stuck and how to avoid them.
  • Personalized tools to avoid those patterns and create connection. 
  • Identify specific relationship goals and acknowledge what’s going well – so you can get more of it. 
  • Formalize agreements on chores, childcare, and time to function like a TEAM. 
  • Create the foundations of intimacy to start having more passion in your relationship.